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1- In our all tours: Everyday two times tasty vegetarian meals, morning breakfast, tea trice a day. We provide non veg meals for those who are non-veg tourists trice a week(mostly for dinner). (Sourashtra, Indore, Ujjain, Mandu and Kashi-Gaya-Prayag, Chardham & konark Puri all these tours are Religious therefore only vegetarian meals will be provided.)


a) A separate room in "A" grade Hotel will be provided to a family. A child between 5 to 10 years will not have a seperate bed. But such two kids will be given one separate bed. "A" grade hotel:- Attach toilet-bath, clean and posh hotels.(with cold and hot water)
b) If a family contains four or five members , they will be provided with two separate rooms or a suit as per their demand.
3) If a single tourist wants seperate room, extra thirty percent of the tour charges will have to be paid.
4) If a tourist wants a super delux or A.C.room, the difference amount (extra charges) will have to be paid from time to time. But still this depends on the availability.


If three or four persons above ten years accomodate themselves on two beds only, without asking for extra Gaddhi, Pillow and sheets, each person may pay Rs. 1500/- less. If you need as many beds as many persons, you are not entitled for this special discount ( This offer is not valid for tours of 10 days or less than 10 days.) If children below ten need seperate beds, they must pay full charges of the tour.


  • Children below two years are free.
  • Kids from two to four years of age have to pay 33% on tour cost.
  • Kids from five to ten have the following concessions.
  • A. The tour charges ranging from Rs. 0 to 12001/-, Rs.2000/- concession
    B. The tour charges ranging from Rs. 12002/- to 21001/-. Rs.4000/-concession
    C. The tours above Rs.21001/- . Rs. 5000/- concession. Tip: Alongwith this discount for children you can get 50% disocount in railway tickets cause you are paying for railway tickets by your own. Children above two years entitle for separate seat in bus. They will not get bed in hotel. In Nepal child will not get any concession in air fare. In this case half cost of air ticket will be charged on child.
    D- Our company provide concession for senior citizen after age of 60 to both males and females. Senior citizen are entitle for Rs. 1000/- discount. (If tours cost below 12001/- get Rs.500/- discount.) Alongwith this discount you can get senior citizen disocount in railway tickets cause you are paying for railway tickets by your own. (Age limit of senior citizens for males 60 years & for females 58 years) but to get entitle for this concession carrying Identity card in rail journey is compulsory.
    Our maximum concession is Rs.1500/- Even if your all concessions exceeds Rs.1500/- one person will get maximum concession of Rs.1500/- only.

  • HOW TO PAY TOUR CHARGES:- When you fill up the tour form, you should pay the full charges or Rs.10,000/-in cash each as a booking amount. And you can pay remaining tour cost of the tour by any bank cheque, (having its branch in Mumbai) by post, Demand draft, or in cash before one month of the tour date. Your name will be cancelled without intimation if you don't pay the full amount before twenty five days of the tour date and paid amount will not be refunded on any grounds. Such tourists have no right to complain about the tour when it is completed. Send your cheques/drafts/MO's on the name of "CHITARI TRAVELS" For any reason if your cheque got bounced, at that time your all concessions will get cancelled. And you have to pay chargesRs. 350/- if amount is below 10,000/- and Rs. 500/- if amount exceeds Rs. 10,000/-

  • ABOUT TOUR EXPENSES: If Railway fare or Bus fare increases after the tours are annouced, the increased amount is to be borne and paid by the tourists.

  • MEDICAL AID: The doctor will be called at halting place or the patient will be taken to the doctor for minor illnesses. If so the extra medical expenses will be charged. The responsibility of life and money, ornaments etc. will be of the tourists. In no way the company is responsible for such losses.

  • RULE of REFUND: Once the announced tour is not cancelled by the company but if exceptionally it has to be cancelled. The full amount will be refunded to the concered tourists by cheque. (For remaining rules see the booking form). ) If you want to cancel a tour then have to submit a written application for that. We will not cancel tour on a phone call, oral or by email. We took your signature at the time of booking after decalring cancellation rules on booking form.


  • If the tour programme prolongs for more days than scheduled, due to natural calamaties, Riot, Railway or bus strike, and or Railway or Bus company's any reasons and the schedule gets disturbed and or any reason beyond company's control, every tourists must pay Rs. 3500/- per day or the tourists may make their own expenses for such days.
  • Every tourists will have to arrange for meals, breakfasts and tea during the train journey of all the tours.
  • Your luggage should not be more than 25kgs. The company servants will only a light and or board the luggage but carrying to and from the vehicles and or train to halting places will be the tourist's own responsibility. If you desire this service from the company, one family will be charged Rs.2500/- more. It is exclusively the tourist's own duty to look after their luggage and valuables.
  • If you desire to travel by faster trains, you must have booking sixty five days in advance.
  • The first class & second class difference is meant only for train journey, and not for bus or any other facilities. Both the tourists are equally treated for rest of the facilitiess. When you confirm booking with us, we book railway e-tickets for you (60 days before). Thus bring railway ticket amount with tour cost. In railway journey I card is compulsory.
  • The company reserves the right of dismissing any such tourist who does not keep up the rules and regulations, the instructions given before and during the tour and or his/her missconduct, unnecessary disputes, befooling other tourists, spreading of lies about the company etc..( Refund in such cases are not applicable.)
  • Drinking of spirits or smoking in bus journey and in dining hall is strictly prohibited.
  • If any tourist wants to take any legal action against the company or the manger, our legal area is restricted to Mumbai city only. The right of making any changes in daily programme are reserved with the concered tour manager.
  • To and fro journey of the airport will be from personal expenses.
  • If the company fails to provide any scheduled meal, breakfast or tea due to some reason, the tourist will be refunded on the spot Rs.100/-, Rs.50/-, and Rs.10/- respectively. Rs.280/- for per scheduled meal, breakfast, and tea will be refunded on the first or second day of the tour if the number of tourists is very less in any tour. And the booking of a vehicle will be done on the number of tourists. We are giving this notice in advance cause some changes can happen any time.
  • The tourists must take their own necessary medicines.
  • Only fasting food will be provided on Ekadashi and Angaraki. On otherdays if you are fasting, you will be served only tea or coffee on request.
  • Complaint about any enjoyed facility will be rulled out. If you find any facility displeasing, stop enjoying it with intimation to the concerned manager, only then you can claim for the said facility refund.
  • If we donot get the scheduled train due to any reason and or cancellation of the train or RAC and waiting tickets don't get confirm, the tourists have to travel with their own expenses. Due to this reason you can not claim for refund of Tour cost.
  • If you have any complaint regarding the tour, you must inform in writing to our office within ten days of the completion of the tour. If you lodge complaint elsewhere and or after ten days, such complaints will be ruled out. We will reply to the intime lodged complaint. If you are still unsatisfied, you are free to lodge your complaint elsewhere. Wherever necessary, the sight seeing charges will be borne and paid by the company but the charges for performing religious rites will have to be paid by the individuals.
  • In bus journey we observe rotation method and after every twenty four hours the seats will be changed.
  • Hobbey charges, such as (ropeway, horseriding, light and sound, boating, autorikshaw or taxi ect.) will have to be borne and paid by the individuals.
  • If an A.C. bus is required in any tour, per head per day extra charges will have to be paid. But the concerned all tourists must place their demand twenty days in advance.
  • Due to the Government's strict rules, we cannot provide any services in the train journey.
  • We are the organisers of the tours. We neither have any air company, Shopping Co., Train, Bus Co., Coach Co., nor own any Hotels. We donot have any rights regarding these. We donot have any rights or control over their management. Therefore we are not responsible if any damage occours due to their mismanagements.
  • We book railway tickets from authorised rail ticket angents other than us. And put charges on that as Rs.100/- for opening tickets, Rs. 500/- for Tatkal tickets, and Rs.60/- for other tickets.
  • Remember that the rules and regulations are chiefly formed to keep the tour atmosphere secure and enjoyable, not to rise any dispute and or misunderstanding between the manager and the tour members. While you are on a tour. The rules is a must for the sucessful tour. The care has been taken for not to harm you. You are kindly requested not to misunderstand.

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