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By Rail

Mumbai to Delhi (Rajdhani)

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Mumbai to Delhi (Garib Rath)
Mumbai to Delhi (Other train)
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By Bus:
Kathgodam to Nainital
Nainital to Kausani
Nainital to Taa Tour
Musoorie to Haridwar
Haridwar to Delhi
Kausani to Kathgodam

Day 1 :

Departure from Mumbai

Day 2: Delhi Arrival & leave for Kathgodam by train at night. (After arrival at delhi with own expenses you have to reach in hotel, here our manager will allocate rooms.)
Day 3 :
To get at Kathgodam morning 6.am & to leave for Nainital. In two hours Nainital arrival. Afternoon Hanumangadhi & Nainalake – stay at Nainital..
Day 4 :
Nainital city darshan , stay at nainital. Taal: Saathtal, Bhimtal & Naukuchital. Nainital means a queen of hill station. Natural beauties with different experience. A Nainital is form by a combination of Mallital & tallital. Rope-way, View point, china pick point, Naini Devi mandir, Kebalkar & nainalake (Boating ). n afternoon we will do Taal tour. (Saathtal, Bhimtal & Naukuchital).

Day 5 :

Full day Shopping or Rest. Stay at Nainital. OR you can visit Jim Corbett park by self expense. On this day if you are not visiting Jim Corbett Park, then we will take you to visit Govind Pant Zoo. Jim Corbett Park: India's NO.1 National Park. Here you can watch Wild animals.

Day 6 :

Departure from Nainital. On the way to Kausani we visit Bhavali, Kainchi Temple and Almora. Stay at Kausani. Bhavali : Here diseases like leprosy get treated by natural treatment & fruits cheap market is there.Kainchi Temple : Nee Almora : Natural health care (Arogyadham) & beautiful place. Kausani : From Nainital it is 112k.m. far. From here you can view 300miles ice spreaded Himalya.Sunrise & sunset also to be seen. (Due to stay we show both of these)

Day 7 :

Leave from Kausani to Kalika temple, Golf ground and Raniketh. Then move to Kathgodam. Leave to Dehradun from Kathgodam by train. Raniketh: Golf ground, Kalika temple & Kumao military area, Somnath sharma’s shahid smarak.

Day 8 :

Arrival at Dehradun in the morning and leave for Musoorie . In Afternoon Musoorie Darshan and stay at Musoorie. Musoorie : Walking around Kemtifall & Maal roads. Ganhil (Rope-way) self expense.

Day 9 :

n the morning, visit to Hrishikesh & Haridwar & stay at haridwar. Haridwar: Gangasnan, Ganges aarti, Hariki poudi, Paawandham. Hrishikesh: Shivanandjhula (Ramjula) & Laxmanjhula, Swargashram & Geeta bhawan.
Day 10 :
To reach Delhi from Haridwar by train & from Delhi to leave for Mumbai by train.
Day 11 :
Arrival at Mumbai.

1) At Delhi hotel second day to ninth day leaving from Haridwar Food, breakfast & tea will be providing from company.
2) Mumbai to Kathgodam and delhi to Mumbai the train expenses is to be done by yourself. Only Kathgodam to Haridwar and Haridwar to New delhi second class train ticket is done by company.
Tour No.
Total No. of Days
10 11 Days
  • 16 May to 26 May
  • 30 May to 9 June
  • 6 June to 16 June
  • 13 Nov. to 23 Nov.
  • 15 Dec. to 25 Dec.
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