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By Rail

Mumbai to Delhi (Rajdhani)

2060 2810
Mumbai to Delhi
(Garib Rath)
CC-870 995
Mumbai to Delhi
(Other train)
585 1535 2220
Delhi  Haridwar   
By Bus:
Haridwar to Ranachatti
Ranachatti to Uttarkashi
Uttarkashi to Gangotri
Uttarkashi to Rampur
Rampur to Srinagar

Day 1 :

Departure from Mumbai by train.

Day 2: Arrival at Delhi. Travel from Delhi to Haridwar. Stay at Haridwar.
Day 3 :
Travel from Haridwar to Raanachatti. Stay at Ranachatti.
Day 4 :
Ranachatti - Hanumanchatti - Yamunotri visit. Stay at Ranachatti-
1)Travel by bus from Ranachatti to Janakichatti.
2)Jankichatti to Yamunotri total 12km return journey ( By walk, Horse or Dandikandi).

Day 5 :

Travel from Ranachatti to Uttarkashi. Stay at Uttarkashi. ( 125 km)
Uttarkashi: Vishwanath temple.

Day 6 :

Travel from Uttarkashi to Gangotri. Stay at uttarkashi. (98 km) Gangotri: Gangamata’s temple, Bhagirath Shila, Ganga snan. While Leaving if you want can bath in gangnanis warm water pond which is on the way.

Day 7 :

Uttarkashi – , stay at Gupth kashi. (260km)
1) During travelling Uttarkashi to Gupth kashi we can see Alkananda river which is Srinagar to Rudraprayag.
2) At Rudraprayag watch a mixing of Mandakini river which is coming from Kedarnath & Alaknanda which is coming from Badrinath.
3) During travelling from Rudraprayag to Kedarnath we have a view of Mandakini river.

Day 8 :

Gupth kashi Rampur – Gaurikund. Stay at Kedarnath.( 55 km)
Gaurikund:Warm water pond, Separate places for ladies and Gents to take a bath. Gauri kund to Kedarnath return 28km travel by Horse or Dandi kandis.
Kedarnath: One of a place in12 Jyotirling. Behind a temple watch Shankaracharya samadhi.
Phata : If any tourist wants to visit Kedarnath by Helicopter, they can start their journey from Phata.

Day 9 :

Kedarnath – Gaurikund. Stay at Gupth Kashi ( 198 km )( Gaurikund to Gupth Kashi Bus travel).
Day 10 :
Gupth Kashi –Badrinath stay.
On the way to Badrinath, we can watch Gupth kashi rudra prayag, Karnaprayag, Chamoli, Pepalkoti, Joshimath, Vishnuprayag, Chandrashekhar Mahadev , Arthanareshwar , Govindghat & Pandukeshwar.
Karnaprayag – Place where Pindarganga and alaknanda river meets.
Nandprayag – Nandakini and alaknand river meet.
Vishnupravag – Vishnuganga and alaknanda meet.
Pandukedar – Pandav took here rest for some days while they were in Adynatwas.
Day 11 :
Badrinath visit, stay at Badrinath.
Badrinath: Badrinath temple, Alaknanda river, Brahmakpal.
Barahmakpal: This place is pure, here a man can do his own Shradh by sitting on this stone.
Maangaon: Badrinath to Maangaon’s Ganesh gunfa(cave), Vyaasgunfa, Bhimphool, starting place of Sarasvati river & Keshav prayag to watch.
Day 12 : While travelling from Badrinath to Srinagar you will come across Jodhi Madh where you can enjoy Rope way by own expenses. Stay at Srinagar.
Day 13 : Devprayag between journey from Shrinagar to Haridwar – Here river Alaknanda and river Bhagirathi meets. Visit Laxman jhula at Hrishikesh. Stay at Haridwar. Haidwar: Hari ki pauri, Gangavisit, Gangas Aarti.
Day 14 : Haridwar to Delhi and Delhi to Mumbai by train.
Day 15 : Arrive at Mumbai.

1)From second day Haridwar hotel to fourteenth day morning tea, meal,breakfast,tea will be of company.
2) Sometimes in kedarrnath one room of attahced toilet – bath will be offer to 4 to 5 people. At all other places you will get familywise rooms.
3) A/c rooms are available in Haridwar.
Tour No.
Total No. of Days
30 15 Days
  • 13 to 27 sept
  • 10 to 24 oct
Rs. 27991/- + Railway Charges

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